News Release

The article regarding Pirfenidone has been published on Scientific Reports

Pirfenidone improves survival of patients with subacute dermatomyositis, a type of Connective Tissue Disease Associated Interstitial Lung Disease (CTD-ILD) Scientific Reports, an open access journal of Nature Publishing Corp, recently published the clinical trial results of Dr. Shuang Ye's group of Shanghai's Ren Ji Hospital. In this open-label clinical studies, pirfenidone was found to increase the survival rate of patients suffering from a type of dermatomyositis (disease duration of 3 to 6 months). The survival rate difference between pirfenidone dosed patients and the control group was 90% to 44.4%, indicating statistical significance. In this study, pirfenidone (Etuary®) was provided by Beijing Continent Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a majority-owned subsidiary of GNI Group Ltd.

"These results provide us good guidance in the design of our coming Phase III studies of pirfenidone in dermatomyositis and scleroderma," said Dr. Ying Luo, CEO of GNI Group Ltd. "Pirfenidone may provide new hope to patients suffering from this deadly disease."