News Release

Shanghai Genomics Announces A Collaboration With TOKO on Healthcare Products

GNI Group Ltd., (TSE Mothers listed code: 2160) a leading biopharmaceutical company listed in Japan, announced today that its consolidated subsidiary Shanghai Genomics, Inc. (Shanghai Genomics) intends to start sales of cooling pads for adults and children in China through OEM from Toko Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd. (TOKO). This is the 2nd product line licensed, in addition to Tamibarotene, from TOKO by GNI Group.

Shanghai Genomics has completed registration filing for Cooling Pads as Class I medical device with the China Food and Drug Administration. Sales are expected to start in Q1, 2017 through both traditional distribution channels and also e-commerce shops. In the future, the product line may be expanded to include other high-quality healthcare products and medical devices from TOKO.